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We are manufacturing & supplying electric motors ranging from 0.18 KW to 50 KW0.
We are giving detailed specification of motors as under.

General Features

All our Motors are developed to confirm the latest Indian Standards .Specifications as well as the International Standards for their performance and dimensions too. This helps in making the size of the products most compact and elegant, and offers the very important interchangability.
Our Motors are being produced in modern and well equipped factory adopting latest techniques in designing and developing the motors, rigid quality control at almost all stages of production and latest testing fascilities as per various National & International standards & have helped in raising the image of our Motors as a quality product making them acceptable to the various prestigious applications throughout the country.
Our Electric motors finds applications in various Industries like :
Plastic, Rubber, Textile, Machine Tools, Paper, Printing, Wire drawing, Cables Pharmaceutical Leather, Rolling Mill, Synthetic Yarn etc.

Scope of Manufacturing :

Standard 3 Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motors 0.093 KW to 50 KW in all speeds with all types of construction.

Flanged Motors from 0.09 KW to 50 KW either for horizontal or vertical operations.

Textile Motors - Surface Cooled Loom Motors cradle/foot mounted 0.55 KW to 1.1 K and 1000 RPM or 750 RPM. Card Motors 1.1KW to 2.2 KW High Torque .Ring frame motors 5.5 KW to 15 KW.

Standard Single Phase Motors from 0.093 KW to 1.5 KW in 1500 & 3000 RPM.

Standards Adopted :


IEC Recommendations 72-1 and 72-2, IS:1231 and IS : 2223

Electrical Specification

IS:325 / 1978 & IEC:34

Terminal Box

The protection provided in the Standard Motors is IP:44 & IP-55 As Per ref:IS:4691.

The Standard designs are For class of insulation

‘B’ & ‘F’ Class,insulation.

Electric Features :

Supply & Voltage

415 Volt for 3 Phase and 220/230V


50 Hzs

Voltage Regulation

+ 6%

Fluctuation Frequency Fluctuation

+ 6%

Mechanical Features

Each rotor of the motor is dynamically balanced with the full key. The amplitude of Vibration for Standard Motors will be within the limits as specified in IS:4729. Special low vibration Motors for special applications to machine tools and others can be dealt with.
The bearing seats and the shaft are grounded as per IS tolerances and stampings are press fitted to remove the possible magnetic noises.

Special Motors :

Dual Voltage Motors

Dual Speed Motors ( Pole Changing Motors )

Three and four Speed Motors

Flame Proof Motors %

Dust / Weather / Hose Proof Motors

Crane Duty Motors

Increased Safety Motors

Brake Motors

Range 0.18kw to 250kw having speed 3,1500 ,1000 & 750 RP.

Performance conforms to IS:325, IEC 34, Part 1 and dimensionsaccording to IS:12321, IEC 72.


Motors are rated for continuous duty at an ambient of 400 C and site altitudes of up to 1000m above mean sea level.

Voltage and Frequency

Motors are designed for 415V + 3%, supply. Any other voltage/frequency available on request.


Motors have IP55 degree of protection as a standard feature. This degree of protection conforms to IS : 4691 and IEC 34, Part 5.

Winding Protection

Embedding of PTC thermistors in the stator winding is feasible and can be provided on request.

Motor frame

Motors are supplied in a robust, rugged cast iron frame with integral feet.

Terminal Box

Standard location of the terminal box is on the top of the housing terminal box on right or left hand side of housing available on request. the terminal boxes can be rotated in steps of 90 deg in each position. The terminal box also has IP 55 degree of protection.

Insulation System

Motors are provided with Class 'F' insulation system. In the case of utilization to Class 'F' temperature limits, either the amblent temperature can go upto 55 deg C for the same rated output or the rated output may be increased by 10%.

Noise Level

Motors are designed for low noise levels in accordance with IS:12065.

Cooling and Ventilation

Type of cooling is IC 0141 as per IS-6362. All motors have an external bi-directional centrifugal fan.


Standard motor(RAL 7030) is provided and is suitable for tropical conditions.

Earthing Terminals

All motors are provided with 4 earthing terminals, two in the terminal box and one on each foot.