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Helical Geared Motors

We are manufacturing Helical geared motors ranging from size 0.18 KW (0.25 HP) to 75 KW (100 HP) capacity & having RPM from 0.1 to 700 RPM. Our geared motors are confirming to AGMA standard & having adepta adaptor system i.e making it total 8 bearing design and they are very heavy duty design .Geared motors can be supplied both in foot mounted & flange mounted design suitable for stirrer & agitator duty application.
Gears are made from 20 MNCR material hardened & ground/laped for noiseless performance.Hardening & laping of tooth profiles achieve high contact efficiency by way of transmission of torque, as well as ensuring smooth and silent running, free of vibrations ,under arduous and high load conditions.

Our Helical geared motors are being produced in modern and well equipped factory adopting latest techniques in designing and developing the motors, rigid quality control at almost all stages of production and latest testing fascilities as per various National & International standards have helped in raising the image of our geared Motors as a quality product making them acceptable to the various prestigious applications throughout the country. & Worldwide.

Our Helical geared motors finds applications in various Industries like :
Plastic, Rubber, Textile, Machine Tools, Paper, Printing, Wire drawing, Cables Pharmaceutical Leather, Rolling Mill, Synthetic Yarn etc.