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Compac Design Suitable for 0.37kw to 2.2kw

We are manufacturing Mechanical Variable Speed Drives in two different designs i.e.one is compact integral design having 0.37 KW to 2,2 KW capacity & speed range we can give is from 0.1 to 500 RPM having ratios 5:1 or max.6:1. Our this compact Mechanical variable speed drive is working on constant HP basis. The drive can be used with Flame proof motors also for using in hazardous area & speed of the Mechanical variable speed drive can be varied through a know provided on the drive itself & by moving knob you Can get required speed variation steplessly. The assembly is made very compact & we can give Helical gearboxes, Mechanical variable speed drives & electric motors integrally fitted in line design. The drive is maintenance free & provided with life time lubrication.
We are also manufacturing Mechanical variable speed drives ranging from 1.5 KW to 45 KW in C or Z design giving speed variation from 7.1 ratio to max. Our this design is simple motorized ,robust mechanical variable speed drive giving speed variation steplessly. The unit is manufactured from quality components & comprises of AC sq.cage motor, variable speed drive unit & helical gearbox with case hardened profile ground helical gears. This unit is very compact & can be supplied for using in horizontal & vertical design. The speed variation can be achieved by means of hand wheel provided on the drive itself.