We are manufacturing Worm Reduction gearboxes in the size ranging from 1 1/8” CD to 8” centre having ratios from 5:1 to 70:1. We can supply gearboxes both in foot as well as flange mounted design suitable for stirrer duty application. We are also manufacturing shaft mounted worm gearboxes i.e. shaft having hollow input & hollow output for various duty application & confirming to latest BS & International standards.
Our Worm Reduction gearboxes are being produced in modem and well equipped factory adopting latest techniques in designing and developing worm gearboxes, rigid quality control at almost all stages of production and latest testing fascilities as per various National & International standards have helped in raising the image of our Worm gearboxes as a quality product making them acceptable to the various prestigious applications throughout the country

Gearcase : Of neat contour and sturdily built the case is designed to provide maximum surface area for heat dissipation. made of semi-steel, a super quality close-grained metal, it is dust-proof and oil-tight. All faces are machined and bearing housings accurately bored.

Worm & Wheel : The worm is made from high tensile case hardened alloy steel integral With its shaft, hardened, ground and finished to precision limits The worm wheel is centrifugally cast phosphor bronze (for the smaller Sizes chill cast) giving a dense homogeneous casting. Gear teeth are Generated with precision profile ground hobs on specially designed Machines to ensure accurate tooth form.
Full advantage has been taken of the involute helicoids thread form with Increased load capacities, designed in accordance with B.S.721:1963.

Lubrication : A positive lubrication system, operative with either direction of Rotation, is effective in any mounting position. All bearings are assured Of an adequate supply of lubricant.
Oil filler and breather, oil level and drain plugs are fitted and are Interchangeable for universal mounting. The quantity and viscosity of oil required is given on a date plate fixed to the case.

General Features : Our Worm Reduction gearboxes manufacturing in universal mounting in various sizes. We are giving our Worm reduction gear boxes in size 1⅛" centre to 31/2" centre and having ratios from 5:1 to 60:1. The reduction gear boxes supplied by us are universal mounting type and hence can be used in different mounting position i.e. it can be used as standard, foot mounted type, inverted (having worm over wheel), vertical type suitable for stirrer duty. This all arrangement can be possible just by changing the legs of the gear boxes and for that no extra charge is charged.

Design Features : The Gear Boxes are designed confirming to National & International standards and worm shaft is made of high tensile case hardened alloy steel and hardened, ground and finished to precision limits. The worm wheel is made From centrifugally cast phosphor bronze material.

Application : Plastic, Rubber, Textile, Machine Tools, Paper, Cement, Printing, Wire drawing, Cables, Pharmaceutical, Leather, Rolling Mill, Synthetic Yarn etc.

Specification : We can also supply special type of bear box having special features like Hekical worm type gear box, agitator duty gear box, tube mill gear box etc. We can also supply Worm Reduction Geared Motor.