GPTEC was established in year 1990. Our modern manufacturing facility is at Mumbai. Engaged in manufacturing High quality Helical Gear Boxes for Plastic & Rubber Extrusion machinery, etc. under the Brand name "GPTEC" with Professional Management and guidance of our Director Mr. Nirav Shah. Our Organization and Brand GPTEC has now emerged as a reference point and proudly preferred concentrating and specializing exclusively in Plastic and Rubber products.

The gearbox in designed to satisfy requirements & conditions encountered in extrusion process. High torque is required for pressurizing and plasticizing molding material hence the gear unit is designed accordingly we at GPTEC bring to you the tinest in gear & transmission technology.

Our more than 75000 units are already in the market and are running satisfactorily in India as well as all over the World specially in Gulf, Asian, European & Eastern Region Countries.

Our GUJARAT POWER TRANSMISSION EQUIPMENT CO. is totally & Professionally Manufacturing Power Transmission Equipments, Electric motors & Variable speed drives of top quality & managed by the Director Who is an Electrical Engineer under whom a team of very experienced Engineers & technical persons are working & producing international standard products to satisfy various clients needs in India & all over World basis.